Operation Lifesaver thumbnail
Client:South Adams Jr/Sr. High School
Date:September 2005

Operation Lifesaver Fundraiser

Work Performed

In 2005, when hurricane Katrina devastated much of the southeast, a small group of students local to the Northern–Indiana region banded together to help. After some thought they dreamed up 'Operation Life Saver', which would raise community awareness of the devastation that had occurred and also raise monetary support to aid a specific disaster relief organization in the cleanup and restoration of hurricane damage.

The initial idea of mass–producing hundreds of donated t–shirts that could be sold to raise support for the victims was taken initially to the public school system but rejected due to religious implications contained within the design of the apparel. Instead, the project was later accepted by area churches and hundreds of t–shirts were sold in joint effort. All materials and labor were donated by local individuals, businesses, and area churches. Graphics were designed in Adobe Photoshop and screen–printed on various colored t–shirts.